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The Mysteryous Wolf

Hello!! My name is Jossef A. Prozac (He/him), I'm a physics student and an artist from Chile, I'm 21 y/o and I've been drawing since I have memory! one of my biggest dreams is to be able to do a comic and/or a novel of my original characters!

I'm a huge introvert, I expend most of my time daydreaming and working on my drawings or stories, I really like to think about my characters, they are one of the most important aspects of my life thats why I want to share more of them here in this little space of mine! I like the internet a lot but I do not enjoy social media that much cause it really makes my mental health go down, so this personal project has me super happy!

Since a kid I have always liked to have this kind of websites, I used to create pages for my OCs on Neopets and put so much effort into making drawings and writting stories to make it more inmersive, I would like to replicate similar things here too! So I'm trying to learn more about coding to hopefully make something good!

I also do enjoy cyberpunk and monsters a lot! Expect to find many of that here in my page! More personally I'm really into goth culture and I love wearing black and all shades of red, I also feel really fascinated by skulls, skeletons and night-butterflies, so I always try to incorporate those elements into my make up and self expression! Aswell androginy is my top gender-expression, totally a big fan of suits with high heels.

I'm also a bassist, working on improving my techniques! I'm really into music, is something that makes my whole life a lot better, I listen to almost all kinds on genres but my favorite is Grunge with my top bands being Alice in Chains, Screaming trees, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. From other genres my most loved bands/singers are Audioslave (I'm in love with Chris Cornell), David Bowie, Grandson, Depeche Mode and H.I.M., but asides from that I have lots of favorite songs from different artists that maybe aren't even from the ones I mention!

I tend to really get into the things I like, they get deep into my heart and I cannot escape from them, but I have learnt to enjoy that feeling! Two of those things are chinese novels like Mo Dao Zu Shi (All MXTX novels tbh...) and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, being also my top inspirations with Cowboy Bebop to continue in what I'm doing! < 3

To go deeper into the name of this page and also my internet nickname Mystery Wolf I've being fascinated by wolves since seven y/o, they were my fulltime obssession when I was a kid, drawing them everyday and even embarassed I wanted to be one, so my nicknames always involved wolves or moons, the Mystery part is not that happy, I'm introvert but I tend to talk a lot to the people I feel comfortable with, sadly I have always feel embarassed about that, cause as I said I really get into things I enjoy so I tend to really love talking about them, but people always made me shut up in mean ways, even my closest friends and family, so expressing myself is really difficult, always brings me anxiety and worries that I'm sharing/talking to much, or being annoying by just showing my experiencies, so I always wished to be silent and mysteryous, but I can't cause is just not me.

Anyways! That's why I also created this page, to feel free to write about what I love without being scared of someone telling me to shut up! hehe So If you are reading this I want to say thank you for visiting here and I hope you enjoy the content! < 3

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